Under 12 Boys & Girls Only – Rule Changes.

Under 12 Boys & Girls Only – Rule Changes.
Under 12 Boys & Girls Only.
In 2019,we are introducing the following changes to the U12 games that we play.
The reason behind these changes is to assist with the transition into Youth football the following year and develop their game play.
Goal Keeping:
  • “Drop Kick” – Allowing keepers to “drop kick” “footy kick” the ball in “open play” – not from Goal Kicks where the ball has gone out of play. CRJFA still encourages keepers to throw or pass the ball out from the ground but we are bringing in this change to assist with the transition to Youth football.”
  • “Live Ball” – Once the ball has been picked up in “open play” and then the ball is place on the ground, the ball is “live” and the keeper may be challenged. Opposition players do not have to be out of the goal square for the ball to be “live”. If a foul is committed on the goal keeper, a free kick is awarded to the keeper. The ball may not be picked up by the keeper once it has been put on the ground again by the keeper in “open play”. If this happens, an in-direct free kick is awarded to the attacking opposition.
  • “6 secs” – Once the keeper has the ball in their hands from open play, they are encourage to play the ball quickly. If the keeper does take their time, their options become closed down and it will be hard to play the ball out. Coaches are encouraged get their keeper to play to the mindset they only have “6 seconds” . If a keeper does take longer, the referee should encourage them to “play the ball”. No free kick should be awarded if the keeper takes more than “6 seconds”.
Offside (let it play):
  • An attacking player MUST have a defender and keeper between themselves and their goals they are attacking when the ball is played. If they are behind the last defender, a free kick should be awarded to the defending team.
  • If there is any doubt, the referee should allow the game to continue by calling out “play on, play on”. Referees needs to be able to clearly see that in their mind the attacking player is in an offside position to stop the play (gaining an unfair advantage by being in that position). Coaches and Players are strongly encouraged to PLAY THE WHISTLE and keep playing / defending. CRJFA demands RESPECT of our volunteer referees and the REFEREES decision should always fair and final. Coaches and Team Manager are strongly encouraged to remind parents that their kids are watching their behaviour.
  • CRJFA does not want spectators / coaches / team managers to be “running the lines” and calling offside. This creates tension and the kids end up stop playing because the person on the sidelines said it was offside. These people need to be encouraging “Good Sportsmanship” and  “Creating a positive” experience for both their kids and the opposition.
Points / Table:
  • The CRJFA Executive has decided against bringing in a point and table roster into U12.

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