This is a fun game !

This is a fun game !
Hello everyone,
We are getting too many reports of adults at games being too serious about their child’s football.
This is a game!
Yes, everyone likes to win but children forget very quickly if they don’t win. They just want to play! Step back, relax, enjoy them having fun. Don’t drive them from the game. Encourage by all means but be kind and think of all the players – they are children. If you do this, they will still be playing in 10 years, and you will continue to enjoy watching them play.
Please no more sideline arguments, yelling inappropriately or aggressive behaviour. Imagine having 50 adults yelling at you, do this, run there. Let the coach be the only voice they hear. Coaches no team stacking for the purposes of winning. Every child should be getting a fair amount of game time. – just let the children play, enjoy your game day and keep a positive outlook. By all means cheer and praise but cut out the negativity!
The Executive
The Central Region Junior Football Association.
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