Taking Photos / Recording of Games – CRJFA Policy

Taking Photos / Recording of Games – CRJFA Policy

We would like to remind our community about our policy on taking photos at games and recording the games.

A member of the public was seen recording some of a game at the weekend and it resulted in the police being called and the person being spoken to by the police and no further action was taken by the police.
Our policy is and has been- there is to be NO recording of the game by mobile phone, digital cameras or taking of photos by anyone unless permission is sought by coach or team manager of the opposing team and approval is given.
We prefer if the coaches / team managers can communicate this between both parties and parents should not approach the opposition coach / team manager directly.
If a team doesn’t not wish for their photos to be taken or the game to be recorded – these wishes MUST be followed and this information relayed to both teams. Both teams of parents / guardians must ensure this adhered too.
It also acts as a reminder although we are safe and having fun with friends whilst training and playing , please ensure that players and all other siblings are supervised and do not attend public toilets without being watched by an adult or guardian.
The safety and well being of our children is important to us all and together as a team we can ensure our CRJFA family remains safe whilst we are enjoying the world game.

Thank you,

CRJFA Executive & Delegates.

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