Reminder of CRJFA Rules

Reminder of CRJFA Rules
At the last Delegates Meeting it was clear that there needs to be some reminders to ALL coaches if not all players in each team about some of the rules that we follow. Most of these are intended to improve enjoyment and safety and it is expected that all teams will follow these rules as part of being in the Central Region rosters.

Many coaches take a copy of the relevant rules to training sessions and games rather than relying on memory.

  1. Changing Games to suit the World Cup Roster – Central will not be varying the roster on request for this, it is just too disruptive. Coaches wishing to reschedule their games should contact the other team asap to see what can be arranged.
  2. Forfeits – Please be considerate and contact the other side as soon as possible to forfeit a game. It is the responsibility of the coach of the side forfeiting to ensure this occurs. School clubs are hard to contact on weekends and after hours so contact the school during office hours if you need to let them know
  3. Goalies – the goalie is to be protected at all times – this is important for safety reasons and to allow goalies to build confidence. Our rules state:
    Protection for Goal Keepers:
    If the goalkeeper has the ball in their hands or is just about to pick up the ball in the penalty area, opposing players should be strongly discouraged from attempting to kick the ball. If this happens an indirect free kick should be awarded, and the reason explained to the offending player.
  4. Keeping to time – Please start and finish within the allotted time.
  5. For older teams, conduct the post-game cheers, handshakes, coach’s comments and warming down off the playing area so the following teams can get started. Remember that U10 and older teams expect to play 25 minute halves so there is no time to waste and that the early games must be completed on time to allow the others to play.
  6. Maximum Number of Subs – Please do not use more subs than are allowed.
    This is to give teams equal sizes and to ensure that our players get a reasonable amount of ball time. Maximum number of subs allowed in one game are: U6 & 7 – 3; U8 & older – 4. If a squad is large then it is suggested that players be rostered off for whole games instead of attempting to have more substitutions than allowed.
  7. Camping in the Opposition’s Half – This is not allowed under the rules even though the offside rule is not used except in U12 games. Our rules state:
    There is no offside; however, team managers and coaches should strongly discourage attacking players from permanently and/or persistently standing near the goals as this is contrary to the spirit of the game. The player should be warned and asked to move, and their coach advised.
  8. Over age and under age players – All players must be registered with Central Region to play in our roster games. Mixed age squads are allowed but players must be within one year of the nominated age group unless specific approval has been sought and obtained for a player older or younger by 2 years to be in a squad.
  9. Video Recording of Games – Please conform to the Central Region position and be courteous in seeking the permission of the opposing side before game day as both sides MUST agree to have the game video recorded.

You should be familiar with the CRJFA Rules which you can download for printing from the CRJFA Rules Section.

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