Kick Off Times

Kick Off Times

Due to our busy roster it is important that parents, players and coaches must adhere to the following:

  • Games MUST start at the TIME as per the ROSTER. Games MUST finish on TIME so it will allow the next game to start on time.
  • If they game DOES NOT start on TIME and it looks like it will run into the next game – Coaches are to reduce the game time to allow the next game to start on time. It maybe a matter of taking 4-5minutes of each half or just having a quick half time break.
  • Parents must try to get their child/children to the venue in time for the coach to prepare the team. If you are unable to do this, let your coach/manager know you will be late so they can factor this in and not panic ! Coaches panic as much as you child in the back seat does.
  • Take your end of game handshakes etc off the pitch, this allows the next teams to start getting warmed up or maybe kicking off early.
  • CRJFA asks all teams to respect that all though you may miss on a few minutes, the affect of starting late and finishing late ‘snowballs’ through to the next games schedule at that ground for the rest of the day. Would you appreciate that ?

CRJFA Executive would like to Thank You all in advance for your co-operation in making our Saturday games run smoothly and on time.

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