Goal Keeping Tips

Goal Keeping Tips

Goal Keeping Tips:

Under 6 – Under 7: There is no goal keeper for the Under 6 to Under 7 age groups. Children should continually be discouraged from permanently standing in front of the goal. All players should be encouraged to move with the ball.

Under 8 – Under 12: Goal Kicks – Keepers aren’t required to take the goal kicks. An outfield player may take the goal kick and the keeper main remain in the goal.

Under 8 – Under 11: Restarting play after the keeper has picked up the ball. The keeper can restart play by either throwing/rolling the ball to a team member or putting the ball on the ground an kicking to them. They must not pick the ball if they put the ball on the ground to kick it.

Under 12 – The play becomes ‘live’ as soon as the ball is put on the ground or thrown or kicked by the keeper.

Under 8 – Under 12: Once the keeper is in the act of picking up the ball no attacker or defenders must attempt to kick the ball.

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