Delegates Meeting Report – November 2014

Delegates Meeting Report – November 2014

The last ordinary meeting for the year was held on November 3rd. Some key decisions were made about season 2015. The season dates were decided, as shown below. Also the nature of the U12 competition was debated and is going to change. Also discussed were budget ideas and community development activities for 2015.

Season 2015 Dates Released
The key dates for season 2015 have been announced. The season will have 15 rounds with eight in Term 2 and seven in Term 3. There will be a bye over the June long weekend which will allow regrading to occur.

  • First Round: May 2nd
  • Last Round: September 5th (the day before Father’s Day)

U12 Competition 2015
With a lot of discussion and consideration of playing formats it was agreed that U12s will have 9 players including the goal keeper on the field in season 2015.

This has been done to ensure the maximum retention of teams making the transition from this year’s U11 roster. In turn this should result in more divisions allowing better competition and more fun for the players. The small sided game format also aligns with the Skills Acquisition Phase development pathway in which many players also participate.

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