CRJFA Tips for a Fun Saturday morning…..

CRJFA Tips for a Fun Saturday morning…..
CRJFA Tips for a Fun Saturday morning…..
⚽️ Know where your children playing and get there early. Our timetable requires the games to start on time…
⚽️Leave your pooch at home, you are there to watch football and your children and not to worry about the dog.
⚽️ Leave the coaching to the coach, the kids don’t need you telling them how to play, they are there to learn, improve and develop their skills and team work.
⚽️ Stand back from the side lines, let the players have the space to show you what they can do…
Do not watch the game from the goal posts or in that area, do not warm up directly behind the goals of another game, BE RESPECTFUL to the goalie.
Encourage all players, your team and the opposition…. a positive vocal crowd for both teams makes the game more exciting for the kids
Social Distance ….family groups are ok but use both sidelines if required- both teams do not have to be on the one side.
Enjoy the game, don’t worry about the result….we don’t. Talk about what your child did in the game on the way home, how they have improved ? how the team has improved? what did they enjoy about the game ? what was funny / cool ?
We are very lucky to have our great game being played in these unusual times so please make sure that you have FUN and therefore no matter what the result is our children are having a FUN EXPERIENCE with you and they are counting the days down until next Saturday….
Be Safe and Nice and have loads of FUN !

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