List of CRJFA contacts and Central Region school and club contacts. Please use your club/school as a first point of contact for general enquiries.

Postal Address:
PO Box 735
Sandy Bay Tas 7005


Email Contacts

To contact CRJFA please choose the contact which best represents the matter you are communicating.

President: Victoria Morton
Vice President: Geoff Brown
Secretary: Alison Brown
Rules & Regulations: Harry Rickus
Rosters & Ground Closures: Leila Freke
Football Development Officer: Harry Rickus


Schools and Clubs Contacts List

Albuera Street
Contact:  Miriam O’Neill
M: 0400 939 011

Calvin Christian School
Contact: Melissa McAide
E: or the School Office
T: 03 6229 3814

Campbell St
Contact: Campbell Street Primary School Association
E: (Players from school only)

Channel Christian
Contact: Gys Basson
M: 0400 199 491
(Players from school only)

Channel United Primary Soccer
Contact: Nick Dale
M: 0418 363 682

Clarence Zebras
Contact: Geoff Brown

Cygnet Sea Dragons
Contact: Asha Buchanan Wright
M: 0438 758 213

Dover Devils
Contact: Cristian Mendoza
M: 0484 329 080

Contact: Lisa Di Venuto
T: 6210 2228 (School hours)
(Players from school only)

 Glenorchy Knights Junior Football Club
Contact: Dan Smith
M:0459 661 001 or

Steven Kvarantan M: 0419 574 969  or E:

Goulburn Street
See Hobart United Football Club

Hobart City Beachside
Robbie Marino
M: 0438 242 138
Alex Cisak
M: 0439 460 980

Hobart United (HUFC)

Contact: Melissa or Ben Dowling

Hutchins School
Contact: Tom Green
M: 0400767023 (Players from school only)

Huon Valley
Contact: Tanya Robbie

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School
Contact: Nick McGann M: 0409 476 438 or E: or Jane Sargent E:

Kingborough Lions

Contact:  Nell Rundle E: or Lorna Barrett E: or M: 0400 666 994 
Lansdowne Crescent

See West Hobart

Lenah Valley Soccer Club

Contact: Scott Christie-Johnston E: M: 0417 018 911


See Channel United Primary Soccer

Mount Nelson

Contact: Mary Dickins –  E: or M: 0423 365 988

Mount Stuart

Contact: Amy Bignell on M: 0413 777 468 or

 New Town Primary

Contact: Susan Leitch E:  or

Michael O’Brien E: or M: 0447 484 181 or

Josie Chapman E: or M: 0427 160 481 (Players from school only)

New Town White Eagles Soccer Club

Contact: Liam Brown E: M: 0448 069 321

Olympia FC

Contact: Jon Ioannou E: M: 0438050278

Princes Street

Contact: Ricky Oates E: or M: 0408 172 548

Sacred Heart

Contact: Paul Guinane E: or T: 6279 4090, (School Hours Only) or M: 0417 038 793 (Outside School hours)

Sandy Bay Infant

Contact: Kate Foster E: or M: 0400 481 295

South Hobart FC

Contact: Victoria Morton E: (President SHFC) or M: 0417 597 643

South Hobart Primary

Contact: Carolyn Flint M:0407 006 402 or E:

Southern Christian College

Contact: Sonya Ambrose E:  M: 0447 279 926

St Aloysius or M: 0434 326 409

Contact: Justin Vieth  E: M: 0418 535 906
(Players from school only)

 St Thereses

Contact: Evan Brown E: or M: 0419 303 341

St Virgils College

Contact: School Office E: T: 6234 2440 (School Days) or Karryn McCullagh E: or M: 0418 402 279

Taroona Primary

Contact: Barry Hagan E: M: 0439 314 594

Taroona FC

Contact: Miriam O’Neill E: M: 0400 939 011 or Holly Lace-Ayton or M: 0437 854 195

University Soccer Club

Contact: E:

 Waimea Heights

Contact:  E:  (Players from school only)

West Hobart Primary

Contact: See Hobart United


Contact: Elissa Wright via E: or M: 0475 893 50