Blow the Whistle: Inter-Change

Blow the Whistle: Inter-Change

All age groups (U6 to U12) play Inter-change with subs. This is where players may be sent back into the game after being bought off (subbed).

All players are given an equal amount of time on the park to allow them to develop their skills and have fun playing the game and they are not subbed due to the way they are playing.

CRJFA Guide to efficient Subbing:

  • One person controls the subs. Tell the team to listen to this persons voice, not the kids or parents.
  • The players stay near this person so they are available in case of impromptu change (injury).
  • Try to make the change when the ball has gone out of play. Why not let the Ref know that your making a change.
  • Try to make the change from near the half way line so players know where to run to when they come off.
  • DON’T take off Team A and replace them with TEAM B. If it confuses you, it is sure to be confusing the players.
  • Make sure the child knows what way they are defending / attacking (U6-U8) or what position they are playing in U9-U12).
  • Always praise and encourage the player when they come off. Highlight something they have done well in that period of play – “Hey Simon, that was a great pass to Matt before, well done” ” Abbie, great tackling when they broke through after that last corner” . Having a break shouldn’t be a negative aspect of the game.



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