List of CRJFA contacts and Central Region school and club contacts. Please use your club/school as a first point of contact for general enquiries.

Postal Address

PO Box 735
Sandy Bay Tas 7005

Email Contacts

To contact CRJFA please choose the contact which best represents the matter you are communicating.

President Victoria Morton
Vice President
Treasurer Lucas Dos Santos Ribeiro
Secretary Alison Brown
Rules and Regulations Harry Rickus
Rosters and Ground Closures Leila Freke
Football Development Officer Harry Rickus


Schools and Clubs Contacts List

Albuera Street

Contact:  Miriam O’Neill E: M: 0400 939 011

Calvin Christian School

Contact: Melissa McAide E: or the School Office T: 03 6229 3814

Campbell St

Contact: Paul Neely  T: 0424 323 703  E: and

Janelle Bennett         T: 0458 039 540 E: (Players from school only)

Channel Christian

Contact: Gys Basson E:  or  M: 0400 199 491
(Players from school only)

Channel United Primary Soccer

Contact: Nick Dale E: or M: 0418 363 682

Clarence Zebras

Contact:  E:

 Cygnet Sea Dragons

Contact: Asha Buchanan Wright at E: or M: 0438 758 213

Dover Devils

Contact: Cristian Mendoza E: or M: 0484 329 080


Contact: Lisa Di Venuto E: or T: 6210 2228 (School hours)
(Players from school only)

 Glenorchy Knights Junior Football Club

Contact: Dan Smith E: or M:0459 661 001 or

Steven Kvarantan M: 0419 574 969  or E:

Goulburn Street

See Hobart United Football Club

Hobart United (HUFC)

Contact: Melissa or Ben Dowling E:

Hutchins School

Contact: Greg Rowlings E: or Caroline McCreary E:
(Players from school only)

Huon Valley

Contact: Tanya Robbie E:

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Contact: Nick McGann M: 0409 476 438 or E: or Jane Sargent E:

Kingborough Lions

Contact:  Nell Rundle E: or Lorna Barrett E: or M: 0400 666 994 
Lansdowne Crescent

See West Hobart

Lenah Valley Soccer Club

Contact: Scott Christie-Johnston E: M: 0417 018 911


See Channel United Primary Soccer

Mount Nelson

Contact: Mary Dickins –  E: or M: 0423 365 988

Mount Stuart

Contact: Amy Bignell on M: 0413 777 468 or

 New Town Primary

Contact: Susan Leitch E:  or

Michael O’Brien E: or M: 0447 484 181 or

Josie Chapman E: or M: 0427 160 481 (Players from school only)

Olympia FC

Contact: Matt Kilsby E: or M: 0422 363 177 or

Leah Gubb E: or M: 0422 332 618

Princes Street

Contact: Andy Campbell  E: or M: 0451 058 639 or Christy Dorward

Sacred Heart

Contact: Paul Guinane E: or T: 6279 4090, (School Hours Only) or M: 0417 038 793 (Outside School hours)

Sandy Bay Infant

Contact: Kate Foster E: or M: 0400 481 295

South Hobart FC

Contact: Victoria Morton E: (President SHFC) or M: 0417 597 643

South Hobart Primary

Contact: Carolyn Flint M:0407 006 402 or E:

Southern Christian College

Contact: Sonya Ambrose E:  M: 0447 279 926

St Aloysius or M: 0434 326 409

Contact: Justin Vieth  E: M: 0418 535 906
(Players from school only)

St Michael’s Collegiate

Contact: Andrew Geekie E: or M: 0414 737 760

 St Thereses

Contact: Evan Brown E: or M: 0419 303 341

St Virgils College

Contact: School Office E: T: 6234 2440 (School Days) or Karryn McCullagh E: or M: 0418 402 279

Taroona Primary

Contact: Barry Hagan E: M: 0439 314 594

Taroona FC

Contact: Karen Wills E:

 Waimea Heights

Contact:  E:  (Players from school only)

West Hobart Primary

Contact: See Hobart United


Contact: Tony Rodd via E: or M: 0457 156 497